Developing indicators for the usage of research in Communication Sciences

The CRUS project “Developing indicators for the usage value of research in communication sciences“ assesses the research activities of institutions in Swiss communication and media research. It is based on a new approach that allows not only to develop empirically supported activity profiles of individual research institutions but also shows the manifold interactions and co-operations of these units and their individual researchers with various social stakeholders. As such, the current project is a complementary sequel to the first CRUS-Project, „Measuring research output in communication sciences between international benchmarks, cultural differences, and social relevance”, which focused specifically on the measurement of research output and the creation of institute profiles in Swiss communication and media research and was also jointly realized by the University of Fribourg and the University of Lugano in cooperation with the Swiss Association of Communication and Media Research (SACM) between 2009–2012. The current phase of the project extends and updates the original data base and ads new indicators as well as qualitative analyses to cover interactions, strategies, and co-operations of research institutions and individual researchers. The project provides:

  • a dynamic and longitudinal view of the evolution of the field of media and communication studies in Switzerland on the basis of a time series analysis of the period from 2009 until 2016.
  • a systematic analysis of researcher’s careers in the field and their associations with characteristics of the hosting units, like research orientation, scientific production, etc.
  • an identification of the key audiences and interaction channels between organizational units in media and communication studies in Switzerland and both public and private sector institutions. These interactions are empirically measured and evaluate their value, by combining several different methodological approaches – quantitative data, surveys, qualitative interviews, and case study analyses.

The project provides an instrument and approach that can be adapted to other domains of Swiss social sciences.